Benefits of live streaming events:

Warren Daniel / 10 July 2017 / Blog / 218

  • Helps generate a bigger audience.
  • Gives your content a sense of urgency
  • Provides opportunities to venture into new business.
  • Gives your brand or business to stand out.
  • Events trending on twitter and other social media platforms push up ratings.
  • Live streaming is more effective than TV because of the immediacy, speed and easy connectivity that is given.
  • A study confirms that 93% of consumers believe that live streaming events are more effective than television advertising.
  • Social media is the future, it is the fastest growing brand marketing business. It is a great platform for leads.
  • Live streaming allows customers to share opinions and comments on the events, this then provides feedback for brand owners.
  • Live streaming takes less time to produce.
  • Events are covered in real time.

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