Meet the Big Bite Ladies

Warren Daniel / 24 August 2017 / Blog / 329

Empowered women – Empower women

The women at Big Bite Consulting are true leaders for women who want to be independent. They understand that paving the way for other women in the workplace is of utter importance. They are all passionate about their positions in the company and perform to the best of their abilities.


Misha Daniel is the Chief of Operations and the heart of Big Bite, she is passionate hardworking, and a true leader. Sandra, Graphic Designer, she produces great quality designs which is a true reflection of her work ethic. Natalie, is our Graphic Designer who recently branched out into a male dominant Web Development Department and has now earned the “Coding Queen” title. The workplace is nothing without a vibrant spirit in the office, Bunono is exactly that! She is the Content Consultant, as well as the Social Media / Advert Consultant, and lucky for us there is never a dull day with her around. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? What about the perfect picture? Nonjabulo is our Photographer, creativity at its best, she always takes pride in her job and produces the greatest quality images. And last but not least, there’s Jamie, our Blog Master. Hardly runs out of words, but this time she struggled. With a passion for writing, she is our go to person when words have failed us.

Each and every day, the ladies of Big Bite Consulting are slowly taking over the digital world!  They take their roles very seriously, they work together and ensure that they can support one another through all the tasks that they face, be it work or personal on a daily. 

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