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If you are running a business but have no website, you are losing out a huge deal! 

A website allows for someone to view your products and services ANYTIME! They don't have to go to your shop first and worry if they don't make it to you before you close.


As technology is evolving so are people. People would rather sit in the comfort of their home and google business rather than drive around from shop to shop, so if you don't have a website they won't find you easily.


Having a website gives potential customers a trustworthy view on you because they can see what your business is about, where you are located and even testimonials people have written about your business. They don't get the sense of catfish when thinking of your business.


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One important thing in starting up a business is knowing who you want to target.

We are going to list a few tips, steps and questions for you to go through when identifying your correct target market.

Who Will Gain?

What type of person will gain when offered your product or service? For a simple example, if you are selling vegetarian food then vegetarian’s will gain from your product because you are meeting their direct need and want.

Try And Focus On More Than One Type Of Customer.

If you are only targeting one customer and making your product or service too specific you run a risk. As a start-up business you should target a small group of different types of customers because you are still finding your way and need to learn.

How Did Your Competitors Start?

Analyse and do some research on your competitors. This way you can see where they left out something that you can fill in for your business, getting you one step ahead. 

Variety Of Substitute Products.

Is what you are offering unique to what others offer? If you sell the same product whose price is higher? If you have a competitor that has the same product or service as you in the same area, your prices determine who customers want to go to. Try and see if your business is placed where the need for the product or service is.

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Drawing up a business plan can be very overwhelming, especially if you don't have certain things in place first.

A few steps you need to take before you do a business plan:


Before you draw up a business plan you need to know the purpose of doing it. Will it be to show investors, lenders and other potential stakeholders how your company plans on making profit? Or is it more than just profit?


Make sure that you have a clear vision for your business because if you don't how will it be directed? Think of between 3 to 5 key strategies that will help direct and allow for your business to achieve the vision.

Clarify Your Business Model

This is where you ask the what if's and make sure that you are able to answer them.