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Everyone has been raving about how cool Pinterest is but it can only be used for your business.


Build A Relationship With Influencers.

Try and understand the influencers that you have within your business industry. Follow your influencers on Pinterest and repin the content that you like of theirs. Also comment on their pins, this all can be the start of you building a relationship with them and create relationship with people who see your comments.


Business Pinterest Page

Pinterest has now allowed for you to have a business page. Having a business page allows for you to see the analytic features. 


Create Boards That Reflect Your Business

Create a few board that relate to specific parts of your business, this way viewers can access things easily.


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Starting a new business comes with a lot of questions and uncertainty. 

Many people have this brilliant idea for a business but never go through with it because of stress. Our advice to you is to JUST START! You don't want to be left asking yourself "what if" for the rest of your life. 

1. Register your business name.

2.Register your domain.

3. Sketch your products / services.

4. Design the prototype if it is a product you are offering.

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Ever has the idea of using snapchat for your business but being unsure of how? Well no need to wonder anymore, we got a few ideas for you!

1. Real Time Social Media

Let your current customers and your potential ones get to know your business a bit more through real time! You can use this for a variety of things: Concerts, debates, fashion shows, new product launches and basically any other event that can be marketed through real time.

2. Giveaways!

Who doesn’t love giveaways! Everyone does and trust me, it is even more exciting when advertised on snapchat. This will make your fan base tune into your site within seconds!