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Get your business name known!


Your customers are number 1

Listen to your customers and respond to them. They are the ones that spread the word.


Press releases

Do you have news? Well go ahead and put it in a press release. allows you to send out press releases for free and if you are not sure on how to do a press release, PR Newswire lists awesome tips to get yyou going!


Get listed

List your business location on Google My Business and Bing Places For Business. This will help people find your business and review it.


Facebook, tweet and blog

All these things get your business known and it builds a trust with your customers. Get your accounts going and show potential customers what youcan offer them.


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Starting your own business can be very scary but one thing we can promise is that it's worth it. 

Don't let the fear of entering into an unkown teriorty keep you from opening your business.

These are commonly asked questions by start up companies answered!


How much capital should I put into my company in the beginning?

Enough money to carry you through 7 to 9 months. This being becuase you need to support yourself as well as cover for unforseen expenses that may arise.


What should I form my company as?

It is best to start it as an S Corporation but if you have to issue common stock and and preffered stock rather start it as a C Corporation. Partnerships and sole proprietorships are more risky because of the potential personal liabilityto the owners of the business.


How do I come up with a name for my business?

First of all, brainstorm a bunch of ideas. Then make sure that they arent taken, so do a Google search. Then choose one that is easy to spell and is catchy!


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We all at some point realise that we are falling behind on social media. It is important to keep up with social media because it always evolving.
Below are social media trends that are important for you to have knowledge about.
1. Social Content
Since Facebook’s Instant Article and alike features came out, we will start seeing a new world of social content. We are already seeing users leaning towards the idea of having videos automatically play in their newsfeed. This all has seem to have put a demand on the need for brands to supply content on their social channels first.

2. Video Content
With access to faster and more mobile internet connections, users seem to be wanting more than just the ordinary posts because their mobile device now allows for more. This is when users started posting visual content and by this we mean real-time engagement. Live streaming is growing as well as viewing figures. So get those images and live streaming going!

3. Social Media Content Posts Need A New Twist.
The standard content posts are beginning to bore the readers. Readers want unique and relevant posts. Take the long-term future into consideration and make sure that you can adjust and keep up with technological changes.

4.Digital Assistance
Ever heard of Siri, Cortana or the latest one The Home Unit? If not, you need to start. Voice search is on the rise. What does this mean for companies? Basically it means that there will need to be a high focus on long keywords and a less focus on short core keywords. Adapt your content to keep up on this.

5.Customer Service
Here is just a quick fact to give you an idea on how important customer service is.
78% of customers bailed on a transaction or a company because of poor customer service and not because they we're unhappy with the actual product or service offered.
Treat your customers as if they own you, because in essence they do.

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