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Nelson Mandela Day 2017 – TLC Children’s Home

The home was started in 1993. Their objective was to bring in abandoned and orphaned babies to find adoptive families (local and international) for these babies as soon as they can. TLC is registered with the department of social development, they are then contacted through referrals by the police department or Hospitals to take in these babies.


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1. It is cost effective when producing media.
2. Digital media can be stored or deleted, whereas print media will eventually end up in a landfill.
3. Digital media can be viewed on many different pieces of hardware.

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  1. Clearly state the mission and vision of your brand.
  2. List some of the qualities  that are associated with your brand.
  3. Mention the benefits your brand will bring to the customer.
  4. Create a unique logo and place it everywhere for customers to become familiar with it.
  5. ALWAYS be true to your brand by delivering excellent service as promised.