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Before We Are A Business – We Are People

The home was started in 1993. Their objective was to bring in abandoned and orphaned babies to find adoptive families (local and international) for these babies as soon as they can. TLC is registered with the department of social development, they are then contacted through referrals by the police department or Hospitals to take in these babies.

Over the years, there were 890 children brought into the home, however 39 of those children did not find alternative families, these kids were adopted and raised at TLC.
The Big Bite Team spent a couple of hours at the TLC children’s home. We were educated on the children’s way of living and their environmental conditions. We learned that the staff at TLC is truly passionate about taking care of the babies and getting them adopted.We decided to spend our time scrapbooking, the pages created will be put together to form a book of memories for each child to take with them once they leave the TLC home. Each of us put our little touch on each page. Knowing that we could contribute to part of the children’s memories is an absolute pleasure for us as Big Bite.
Choosing to spend our 67 minutes giving back in honour of Nelson Mandela day at TLC, was extremely rewarding for us as a team.
For donations please visit http://tlc.org.za/

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